• Unscrew lid and remove the plastic plug.
  • Replace lid and gently rotate the bottle lightly to saturate wood.
  • Lastly, unscrew lid, replace the plastic plug, and screw lid back on.
  • Product is now ready for use.


  • Repeat the above instructions when scent starts to fade.
  • To keep scent longer in bottle and avoid spills, place plastic plug back in and repeat the instructions above.


  • Wipe spills immediately.
  • Keep out of reach from small children and pets.
  • Do not ingest car diffuser ingredients.

Southern Jane – Car Diffuser

SKU: 0021
  • A car diffuser filled with fragrance oil and other ingredients.

  • Berry Love – Sugared Berries: A sugary scent that consists of a sweet mixture of strawberry and raspberry, with a touch of vanilla and sugar.


    Boreal Forest – Fresh Pine: This enchanting scent captures the aroma of fresh cut pine boughs with a pleasant mixture of cinnamon, pine, and spruce.


    Southern Blessings – Lavender Petals: A relaxing fragrance that consists of the meadow sprigs of lavender, orange, lemon, and cedarwood.


    Southern Spa Day – Coconut Breeze: This is a year-round fragrance that creates a spa like atmosphere with the soothing blend of bamboo, coconut, and vanilla. 


    Sweet Vanilla – Warm Vanilla Sugar (Very Vanilla): This year-round classic fragrance creates a calm and comforting atmosphere with an amazing blend of vanilla bean, buttercream, cake, and a hint of bourbon.


    Sylvia Belle – Clean Linen: A fragrance that creates the aroma of freshly washed sheets line dried on a nice summer day with a crisp blend of lemon, cotton blossom, and cedar